This is a ticket designed especially for foreign tourists which allows 1-day unlimited travel on public buses with in Miyazaki City and 8 other sightseeing areas in the surrounding region. The ticket comes together with a pamphlet,? available in English, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Eligible Users

This PASS is only available for tourists with foreign passports(excluding residents of Miyazaki Prefecture). Please present your passport and travel documents to prove your stay is temporary (such as round trip airplane ticket, trip itinerary etc.) at the time of purchase.


¥ 1,500 (incl.tax)
* This pass is good only for the above date.
* EXPIRATION DATE・・・One month from the date issued.

Available routes

This pass is good for all the routes Miyazaki Kotsu operates, but not for highway/express bus routes that overlap other prefectures, the Nobeoka/Miyazaki line, the Miyazaki/Takachiho line, regular sightseeing buses, or community buses.

Popular areas

Area Map Bus Routes Map



* Please fill in your name when purchasing the PASS, and the date on which you intend to use it.
* Please show the driver the back of your PASS when you get off the bus. The back shows the travel date. Please note that a PASS without a travel date will not be valid.
* Refunds are available at the bus center in Miyazaki Railway Station, Miyazaki City Tourist Information Center, and the Bus Information Desk at Miyazaki Airport if requested before the date of use or if the PASS is undated. A service fee of 100 yen will be charged
* Lost PASSES will not be reissued.